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These are photographs of my allotment during a single year, from acquisition of a neglected overgrown plot in January, to the abundance of my summer planting, and finally the beautiful collapse and decay of autumn.

Wherever I can, I observe and mimic the intelligence with which nature organises
itself, whether that be putting plants together that like hanging out with each other, or encouraging insects and creatures to interact with the landscape and restore it to balance.

The soil is as important as the air we breathe, a living entity that has long been overlooked at our peril. Knowledge of the soil is a vast subject that we are only just beginning to grasp. Protecting the soil is one of my primary concerns.

Using sustainable, organic practices that support soil health and biodiversity, I can teach you to create and maintain an abundant and thriving indoor or outdoor space. It can be as small as a window sill or as large as a spacious garden.

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