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I first came to yoga, like many people, in a time of need.  In the beginning I couldn’t believe something as simple as breathing coordinated with movement could completely change the way I felt.  I am still amazed by its powerful simplicity, which convinces me that it is for everyone.  I watch students and friends who encounter yoga find greater ease within themselves, ease that is at first transient, but gains momentum and endurance.  That ease is expressed as they make their gesture in the world.

Finding moments of peace and balance in an environment that is often challenging and competitive is radical.  The more this translates into everyday life the more far-reaching and important yoga and similar practices become.

I encourage people to participate in yoga to gain therapeutic benefits, to expand creativity and well-being, and also to use the practice to enhance and evolve an existential and spiritual enquiry.

The classes I teach are generally mindful vinyasa. I am interested in creating a safe, challenging practice that engages all elements of mind, body, spirit and breath.

For me, practicing yoga has opened up the whole mystery of human existence, whilst confirming that the many clues to living a good life lie within, or are simply hiding in plain sight.

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